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Just keep in mind that until recently, the female sexuality was seen as something mysterious and rather evil, so that's probably where the idea comes from. The Medusa is a symbol of the most 'dark' female powers, that can transform men into stone just with a look.

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I unfortunately could not see your chart the link didn't work for me , so I cannot say how Algol is afflicting your Venus. Love can turn into war very easily in your life, or you may feel attracted to dangerous people. If it's a more harmonic aspect, that could mean a very powerful sexuality and sex appeal, that has to be carefully controlled, as to not be misused.

Of course, other factors in the chart would either add to this or lessen the effects of Algol. We would have to see how strong Venus is in your chart in the first place, and the other aspects it makes. I really wish I could see the chart though. Is there any way you can post a link to the picture of the chart itself? This site has a lot of information on Algol and how it influenced historical events and people.

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I hope I have helped! Marina, that's an excellent reply!! I too had the same problem accessing the chart but on Solar Fire it shows a conjunction between Algol and Venus accurate to 13 minutes of arc. You are right about Algol's reputation, before the discovery of Pluto, it was probably the most 'scary thing in the sky. It's one of the very few stars that Lilly and others actually scored for accidental digniity.

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Lilly scored it at -5, that is the same score as being retrograde, or in the twelfth house, or combust or conjunct Saturn or Mars. These signify the matters of the soul, and the morals of the native, just as the Moon and the Ascendant signify the body. The Ascendant is simply the zodiacal degree rising over the eastern horizon at the exact time and location of birth. As the first house does not fully surface above the horizon, it remains both visible and concealed.

Akin to the flight of fleet-footed Hermes, the Ascendant symbolizes the oscillation between the diurnal and nocturnal realms of spirit and matter. In essence, it is the merging point between the macrocosmic and microcosmic hemispheres of the natal chart: as above, so below. The feminine, earthy, fixed Taurus Ascendant embodies the nocturnal expression of Venus. As the Venusian Bull concretizes a more earthy manifestation, the Taurus Ascendant is energetically resourceful: paused reactions couple a resilient stamina.

The Taurus Ascendant thrives in harmonious environments and partnerships, seeking to unify or reconcile.

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As the earthy Venusian Spirit, Taurus projects the image of Venus via grace and refinement. In a fertile sign, the physical constitution of the Taurus Ascendant in isolation is generally fuller, said to be blessed by the star of Venus.

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This makes sense. Algol is pretty malicious that way.

Algol comes from the Persian and is the root of our word "ghoul". It refers to the beheading of Medusa by Perseus and beheadings, decaptitations, and other violent deaths are associated with this dark fixed star. Also blindness and head trauma and violent death in general.

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This article is scary accurate. The whole thing. It sounds like our relationship. Even the part about "Women who are attracted to Algol Men" is very accurate. Return to Astrology Forum. Add new topic Astrology forum. Aquarius - 26 days.

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