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You like to do things when nobody's looking, and have a good sense of timing to know when. Since you're likely to be a kind soul, you've got allies too, who root for you, and support you when they see you going for it!

It's tough being so sensitive in a world that's undergoing intense changes, as we are today. You can be a comforting presence in chaos, to friends and family. Trust your emotional intelligence, as this is a missing piece, without which we see a world out of balance. Updated April 29, The symbol is the Crab, a toughie outer and softie inner. Cancer teens with a crazy home life have a harder time coping than those with a balanced, emotionally calm atmosphere. Element is water emotion, imagination.

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Quality is cardinal initiating. Ruler is Moon swoon! Opposite sign is serious Capricorn.

Cancer Symbol, Element, Quality, and Planet

Birthstone is moonstone and pearl. Crystals are amber, beryl, brown spinel, carnelian, calcite, chrysoprase, emerald, opal, rhodonite, ruby, moss agate, fire agate, dendritic agate.

Cancer Facts

Colors are iridescence, blues, greens, white, smokey grays. Herbs are the mints peppermint, spearmint , hyssop, verbena, and tarragon. Trees are alder, willow, acanthus, sap-bearing trees. See more about Cancer Sun Sign and its traditional associations.

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  2. MYTH 2: Cancers are too insecure and shy to make strong/confident leaders..
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Cancer teens share with a select few and often have one or two very best friends. Some get into scrapbooking, others journaling, still others art, dance, performance, photography or simply telling vivid stories to their friends. Cancer is genuinely interested in the family tree and often has warm bonds with cousins, aunts, uncles, and other extendeds. The Cancer teen is nurturing, and that caring makes them a good listener to friends or even a parent.

Continue Reading. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using LiveAbout, you accept our. Cancers attract friends and lovers through their loyalty, commitment, and emotional depth.

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These crustaceans make excellent hosts and enjoy entertaining with comfort food and free-flowing libations. Though these celestial crabs avoid direct conflict by walking at an angle, they can inflict a harsh pinch with their distinctive brand of passive-aggressiveness. It may be difficult to convince a Cancer to talk openly about what's bothering them, but if you can do it without making them feel threatened, you'll build long-lasting trust.

Allow astrologer Aliza Faragher to explain which signs yours is most compatible with:. Cancer June 21 - July 22 Cancer is a cardinal water sign. By Kaleigh Fasanella. By Leah Prinzivalli.

Cancer Facts

Read More. By Aliza Kelly Faragher. Beauty Products. By Allure Staff. By Sophie Saint Thomas.

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