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Astro Pro-tip: Jupiter travelled through your 7th house from late late What did you develop in and through your committed partnerships during that time business or personal? Who came into your life that taught you something that is still with you? How are your current relationships, and the opportunities that they are bringing you, speaking to the themes from that time in your life? Growing pains are more pronounced when we become overly attached to any one idea of success. As Jupiter spends the next 13 months in your 6th house of work-projects, work-life, and health issues, it asks you to grow your awareness of the impact of your efforts.

Over the course of this transit you will come to appreciate, in great quantities, the possibilities for the projects you are working diligently on. In order to make the most of this transit, ask yourself how you tend to limit what you work is capable of? What do you need to learn to celebrate, have fun with, and feel more joy doing in your work life and in regards to your responsibilities? At work, everything is important to attend to, but not everything needs to or can be done by you. Make sure that you have the best team, support, and situation possible for yourself and your projects.

Astro Pro-tip: Jupiter travelled through your 6th house from late late What did you grow in your work life around that time? What health issues were you able to heal? What did you begin to develop or pursue in your work that resonates in some way with this moment? How are your current work projects reflecting the themes from that time in your life? Creativity thrives on our ability to follow its lead. Its little movements.

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Its grand overtures. Its edits, and revisions. Its swells and swoons. The creative process is a completely mysterious one. It is to be enjoyed, but never rushed. It is to be listened to, but never harshly judged. It is to be worked with, but never manipulated. Creativity is something that flows more freely when we relax into its rhythm. Over the course of the next 13 months, Jupiter will teach you many things about having faith in your creative process. It will teach you how to drop your shoulder, soften your solar plexus, and allow your intuition to guide you. As Jupiter spends the last part of and almost all of traveling through your 5th house of creative energy, creative projects, children, and romantic partnerships, it will enthusiastically invite you to explore the possibilities of this place in your chart and life.

Expanding these areas is more effective when you enjoy the process. Jupiter gets wild when given the chance. Let it show you a good time. Let it remove the false notion that you have to suffer for your art. Let it show you that your joy and your beauty is as worthy a part of you to express as is your anger and anguish. Notice who shows up in your life that helps you to heal through the sheer ease of being with them.

Notice who brings you pleasure without the pain. Notice who loves you unconditionally and helps you do the same. Astro Pro-Tip: Jupiter travelled through your 5th house from late late What creative projects, talents or skills did you develop during that time? What role did children or youth play in your life then?

What did you learn about yourself through romantic partnerships? How are your current romantic relationships and creative projects speaking to the themes from that time in your life? As Jupiter travels through your 4th house, it reminds you that the more you ground, the more you are able to grow. Something urgently awaits your attention in your private life. Good things want to come to you when you find time to shut out the outside world, even if only for a moment.

Make sure that you have enough room to do so. Clear unnecessary clutter from your past. Give the corners of your life more light. Give the rooms you call home more reason to receive the company you wish to keep. Give your internal life as much respect as your external life. Some growth also occurs in your family life.

Either you gain an extra member or two, or you gain good ground in regards to the healing work you engage with. Whatever issues historically come up between you and your parents or family members wants to be resolved to some degree. With greater ease than usual, you are granted the gift of understanding what may have been unacceptable about your past. You might not dissolve all the issues that have left a bad taste in your mouth, but you may feel absolved of having to solve a situation that has no solution.

Do what you can to lay down the burdens that are not yours to heal. Over the course of this transit, you will be granted the ability to give yourself more space to be.

गुरु धनु राशि गोचर - November 5, 2019 - 12 लग्नो पर प्रभाव (Hindi) - Jupiter transit in Sagittarius

More space to take up. More space to relax and recharge your batteries. Astro Pro-tip: Jupiter travelled through your 4th house from late late What grew in your home and family life during that time? What were you able to heal in your family? How is your current home and family life going through a similar healing or expansion? As Jupiter begins its journey through your 3rd house, it gradually enhances the scope of your reach.

12222 Planetary Transits - Saturn

As your daily life and activities increase, your messages become more widely spread. And in demand. Your writing projects get promotions. Your teaching opportunities multiply. Your contacts bring you an overflow of opportunities to put out your messages, stories, and songs to the world. Wherever you go, folks want to know you, talk to you, and exchange info with you. Make sure you are communicating as clearly as you can.

The next year promises to quote, reference, and cite what you say more frequently than usual. Slow down enough to think through what you are putting out into the world. Jupiter will also gift your close friendships with a growth spurt. The good friends, siblings, cousins, and extended family members that you make an effort to stay in touch with will teach you much about the power of your attention.

Nurture your neighborhood. Be generous with the folks that are right beside you. Extend yourself out to all the people in your orbit that you feel called to cultivate a connection with. This year you expand through each sincere interaction that you have. There is no wasted trip to the store or chat with the mail person.

Each time you connect, you add a string to your community web. Something that, by the end of , will be strong enough for you to fall back on. Pro-tip: Jupiter travelled through your 3rd house from late late Which of your communication projects went through an expansion at that time?

What were you able to heal with your siblings, members of your extended family, or close friends? How are your current communication projects and relationships going through a similar healing or expansion? What were you able to grow for yourself over the past year? What faith in your own abilities did you expand into? What depth were you able to travel to without fear of drowning? What did you learn about rising up repeatedly, reislliently, and joyfully?

Learning that your joy is a power to be worked with is a potent protection. Wear it always. Share it often. As Jupiter leaves Scorpio in early November , it spends the next 13 months in your 2nd house exploring the resources that sustain you. Your talents become magnified. Your ability to apply them to your work becomes easier than it has been in some time.

Your Midas touch is something to honor and work with as consciously as you can. As your work flourishes, you get to ask for a raise and then work on receiving it. As you get more familiar with the worth of your time, energy, and talents, you get to build a work-life that protects and projects it all. As you work to expand your horizons about what your gifts are capable of, you draw new opportunities towards you. Amassing, consuming, and even creating out of greed is corrosive to the soul. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, learning how to be expansively, but still mindfully, productive is key.

Greed is too basic an instinct to waste this kind of goodness on. Aim higher than the mass consumption prevalent everywhere. Astro Pro-tip: Jupiter travelled through your 2nd house from late late What grew in your financial or business life then? What did you learn to grow or heal in regards to your relationship to your resources?

How is your current professional or financial life going through a similar healing or expansion? Not idly. Not passively. Not presumptuously. But timing requires that we do all we can in preparation for the opportunities we most wish to call towards us. As Jupiter re-enters your sign for the first time in 12 years, you get a boost of confidence that feels like a wink and a nod from the Universal herself. It is.

Whatever you spent the last year healing now becomes fertilizer for your soil. Take your lucky year and gift others with your overflow. The more generous you are with your excess, the more solidly you situate yourself as a guardian of good fortune. The Goddesses of Abundance love it when we enjoy, celebrate, and share our winnings. That is when they bless us with the good stuff: an unwavering faith in the process of our lives. The more we share, the more is offered to us. The more we release our gifts into the wild unknown, the more inspiration we are given. Astro Pro-tip: Jupiter travelled through your 1st house from late late What personal growth, expansion, and healing did you go through that year?

How are you currently going through a similar healing or expansion? We get so used to how something feels that we often forget to question it. We get so comfortable with the pain that is consistent in our lives that we often forgo our right to refuse the conditions that create it. We get so used to the distorted ways in which we see ourselves that we loose sight of our true form. To suffer is the most human of conditions, but so too is to heal. As Jupiter travels through your 12th house from late to late , you are asked to clear out the psychic debris that has impeded your growth.

The healing that this transit encourages you to do is tremendous, though tenderizing. Jupiter shines its light on the wounds you might not have realized were there. But the gift of this transit is that your healing is made easier. You may discover hidden sorrows that have acted like an unknown thorn in your side, but retrieving your energy from these psychic knots is made almost effortless.

Everything good and long-lasting requires our effort. Since the 12th house is also about the work we do behind the scenes, this transit is especially beneficial to anything in its creative incubation. Protect it. Expand inward with it. Watch your inner life for inspiration. Keep watching the ways in which your projects take shape when given the right space to safely grow. Astro Pro-tip: Jupiter travelled through your 12th house from late — late What grew in regards to your inner life and connection to it during that time? What behind the scenes projects did you develop?

Are you currently going through a similar healing or inner-expansion? As Jupiter leaves your 10th house of career and public life, you get to reflect on the growth that this area has enjoyed over the past year. Whatever you have accomplished gets carried over on the wave of good fortune you continue to ride for the next 13 months. As Jupiter makes itself at home in your 11th house of friends, collaborators, patrons, and supporters, it infuses your social interactions with lucky breaks and meet ups.

Fortune finds you with greater ease when you are hanging out with the people that inspire you to believe that anything is possible. The next year will quite possibly bring you into contact with people that have been able to fulfill wild dreams with great success. Pay attention when they share their time honored treasures of well-earned advice.

The groups that you connect and collaborate with help you heal. Isolation is not the same as solitude. One creates a division between us and the world; the other cultivates a relationship with our inner world. This year needs your participation. It needs you in the game. It needs you to stay in touch with your dreams for the future so that you can meet those that are currently working toward the same end. Jupiter now traverses through the third house for your sign. This seems a happy proposition for you. Business person and professional are to feel happy by opting for a short term travel to boost sales.

Some new meaningful relationship is to take shape here. This is to work well for enhancing your prospects in general. You are to enjoy pleasant time with near ones in relationship. Married one is to have a pleasant quality time with partner for life. Refrain from taking major important decision related to either occupation or finance during retrogression of Jupiter. You are to enjoy good general health this time around mostly. The God Jupiter rules your 4th and 7th house. It will transit in the 3rd house of your Moon sign.

You may have to face challenges in your business during this period. Plan your investments wisely, as absent-mindedness may cost you millions. Strategizing before putting your time and energy in work will surely benefit you. This time will be tough for office goers also. Pay attention to your work as bad performance or carelessness may negatively affect your chances of promotion. Refrain from trash talk in office.

You may feel physically weak and tired during this period. You may have to encounter troubles due to health-related issues. Your friends may leave you during this time. Continue working hard with passion as you can meet all challenges with strong will-power and determination.

Jupiter is placed in the third house and it will be aspecting your 7th house, 9th house, 11th house. You may find your soul mate in this period. You will have to make many travels; there could be change of place in this time. In Saturn star it will bestow mixed results. You may have some issues in your love matters. You may suffer from bad health but will recover fast.

You may get a loan or money from maternal relatives. You will be helped by strangers in time of need. You will have career enhancement. You may get a better paying job. You will have lots of entertainment, fun, and frolic in this period. You may have problems in your love matters. If you will propose in this time then chances of no will be more than a yes. So be careful with this dimension of life. Marital life will be somewhat disturbed and there may be minor quarrels.

There will be an undercurrent of dissatisfaction brewing in your married life. In mercury star there will be lot of responsibilities, loads of work will be there. You will have good relations with your juniors. There will be lot of travel done by you. You will be doing great things in your career. Your performance will suddenly improve and so will your official communication. You will have enhanced wit and humor mixed in your day to day talks. Your self-confidence and determination will increase. You will be more aggressive and dynamic in your approach towards solving problems.

Those into media, printing, content writing, performing arts, singers, are going to enjoy a lot in this time. Jupiter moves through the second house for your sign. The third and the sixth house are ruled by Jupiter for your sign. Now Jupiter views the sixth, eighth and the tenth house. Influence of Jupiter enables business person strike a big ticket deal with a high worth customer.

Career oriented can look for better opportunity to work upon. Increase in remuneration is to follow. If you are being troubled by any health issue for long, you are to find some alternative medicine to cure and get relief. You are to remain in good general health condition most of the time. This transit of Jupiter is work well for increasing inflow of money for you. In turn this adds more strength to your position on financial front.

Jupiter is the 3rd and 6th house lord in your horoscope. The planet will transit in the 2nd house of your zodiac. It is a lucky sign that Guru is in the 2nd house. You will become wealthier during this time-period. There is possibility of gain from every kind of investment. You will see peace and love in your family life. There will be a wave of happiness in your family.

During the transit phase of Jupiter, your personality will improve and you will impress others. Others will appreciate your personality and actions. Your professional life will become superb during this time. You may get promotion or salary increment. Your peers and seniors will praise your hard work and efforts. Another benefic year is here for you. Jupiter is going to give you, new things and make your life pleasant.

You will have good gains, there will be inflow of money, and your bank balance will surely on the rise. The negative aspect is that you will be spending most of it and it is likely that you may not be left with much of what you will accumulate so it is better to keep it all in your fixed deposits or at a place from where even you cannot take it out and spend. You will have gains from your neighbors, your relatives and they will do it happily.

You may do something for them and in return they will give you either money or costly things. You will get desired loan in this transit if you are seeking any. You will have addition in your family by child birth or marriage or you will make close friends in this time. You may have diseases of intestine and due to rotten foods. Avoid such foods which may be contaminated and infected. Gain of weight is also another possibility in this time.

You will have gains from your enemies too in this time. In star of Saturn, this Jupiter transit is going to give you a change of residence if you are living in a rented place. If you are into own house then you will have to spend on damages and repairs. You will be having many travels and mostly with friends and for enjoyments of all sorts. You will enjoy this time a lot. Your love matters will be going in the right direction. If single then you may find your love partner in this time. You will gain from business of travel and tourism.

If you are a tour operator then you will make money in good amounts in this time. You may indulge in extramarital affair during this period. Jupiter moves through your sign now. The second and the fifth house are ruled by Jupiter for your sign. This movement of Jupiter through your sign is to increase acceptance level for you. Make good use of this supportive position to push ahead your prospects related to occupation and finance.

Gains here are to add strength to your position on financial front. Your family related expenses are to increase. Now seems good supportive time for single one to get married. Newlyweds or otherwise, couple eager to have a kid are to be favored by Jupiter in this regard. No major threat to your physical well-being is foreseen for now.

You are to remain in pink of your health. Jupiter is a philosophical planet governing your 2nd and 5th house. Guru will transit in your zodiac during this time and position itself in the 1st house. Guru being in the 1st house may be troublesome for you. You may have to face many problems and challenges during this period. You may change your residence or travel long distance due to work commitments. Avoid wasting money as your budget may get affected adversely during Jupiter transit. You can overcome challenges with confidence and determination. You will win over your problems post struggle.

Transact carefully during this time as you may lose wealth. It is advised to plan carefully before investing in share market or making other risky investments. This year and the year to come are going to be bliss for you. You will enjoy life a lot if you are going through the dasa of Jupiter, otherwise also there will be goodness to some extent. Your marital life will become smooth and there will be less frictions, this is the time to join home if you are separated from your spouse since long.

You will have many travels and there will be improvement in your communication. You will make money by writing, blogging, you tubing etc. You will plan something big in this time and will try to implement it with full force. Some of you may also get inheritance and some of you may renounce it, it will depend on your natal horoscopes. Career of you mother will become very progressive and some health issues may also afflict her. She will get in touch with influential people and will manage things easily and cleverly.

Sun enters Scorpio

In Mercury star you will be having good gains, there will be hidden monies coming to you. You will make new friends in this period. Your friends will prove to real ones and not cheats. They will help you in time of need. You will be having many things going in this time. Health is one part which may afflict you; there is possibility of defamation also if you are not in the path of righteousness. You may be framed for things you have not done. It will be depending upon your natal horoscope. Those who are into mining, occult, astrology, healing etc.

This will be a good time to practice mantra siddhi, thantra siddhi etc. Jupiter is the ruler of your sign and also holds portfolio of the fourth house for your sign. Jupiter traverses through the 12th house for your sign. This indicates increase in expenses for you. Keep effective check on personal and unwarranted expenses and look to save money for future needs. However, refrain from any major financial involvement during transit of Jupiter through the 12th house. Positive vibes of Jupiter are to work well in recovering quickly from any health issue you catch up with.

The God Guru is your zodiac and 4th house lord. The planet will transit in the 12th house of your zodiac. Which symbolizes expenditure and loss of wealth. Jupiter being in this house is not lucky for you. You may suffer from mental stress, hence, avoid such situations. Be patient and calm in any stressful circumstance. There may arise a property-related dispute during this time. Be careful while selling or purchasing land or house. Transact carefully as you may suffer monetary losses. You may argue or engage in quarrel with your family as well.

Discuss and sort out your issues with your loved ones. Only some phases of this transit will be beneficial for you people.

Planetary Transits - Saturn and Jupiter

You will be having problems on many fronts but there will be a divine guiding force trying to tell you the right thing to do. There is every possibility of facing defamation and losing the position you are holding. If you are into government job then chances of suspension are also ripe in this time. But you will be very determined and your determination will pave the way for your success in the time to come. You will not taste much of it this year but things will be moving ahead slowly. When Saturn is in the picture then things will always move slowly.

In Mercury star things will not be so complementing. Your marital life will get disturbed. You will be having misunderstanding and quarrels from time to time. There will be unpleasant atmosphere when you will come back home every day. You will start disliking your home and will try to pass the time more and more outside. If in job of business, failures and losses will greet you mainly. You will have to compromise in your work life or in business. Your fellow workers will move ahead of you and will perform well. You will be held behind.

Your efforts will not be so productive and thus a feel of depression will creep in and non-performance levels will increase further. Jupiter now transits through the eleventh house for your sign. The 12th and the third house are domain of Jupiter for your sign. Jupiter traversing through the eleventh house is to facilitate opportunity for having handsome financial gains. In turn you are to remain in a strong financial position here. You are to have a pleasant enjoyable time with near ones in relationship. You are to resolve difference if any with near one in relationship tactfully to maintain warmth and harmony in relationship.

Your long term wish can be fulfilled during this movement of Jupiter through the eleventh house. In regard to health no major health issue is to trouble you here. Jupiter, the spiritual planet, rules your 12th and 3rd house. Guru will transit in the 11th house of your Moon Sign during this period. Jupiter being in this house is a noble sign. You will grow professionally and perform best at work during the transit. Businessmen and salaried people will get better results than before.

There is a probability of promotion within your workplace, which will make you earn respect. If you own a business and are planning to expand it, it is the perfect time to do so. You can commence a new business during this tenure of Jupiter transit. You may also welcome a newborn baby during this time. Get ready to experience parenthood soon. You will be inclined towards religious and spiritual deeds.

Besides, you may go on a pilgrimage. Your marriage will make you happy and satisfied. The physical bond between you two will improve. You will spend pleasant moments with your spouse. A good person will always be a good person no matter how harsh responsibilities are given to him or her. Here Jupiter is the lord of the 12thhouse and as per parasara said that the planet owning the 12th house will give results of the other house owned by him.

In this ascendant this hold very true. Thus this is the only period which will be fruitful so I advise that you wait till Jupiter enters the star of Mercury and then only you start to plan big things. This will be the best phase in every aspect of your life. Jupiter moves through the tenth house for your sign. Jupiter holds portfolio of the second and the eleventh house for your sign.

Venus Transit 12222

This movement of Jupiter is to work well for you on occupational and financial front as well. Business person can look forward to strike big ticket deal during this movement of Jupiter. Career oriented can expect increase in remuneration coupled with getting better position. If looking for a change in assignment now seems good supportive time to have suitable employment opportunity to work upon. Progressive forces are to work effectively now for you.

You are to enjoy good general health condition. The God Guru is your 11th house and 2nd house lord. This luck bearer planet will transit in the 10th house of your Moon Sign. According to Vedic Astrology, Jupiter being in the 10th house represents your job and business.

Your fate may not favor you during the Jupiter transit. It is not a good sign that Guru is posited in the 10th house. During the transit phase, you may get into a dispute with your office colleagues. Avoid unnecessary and meaningless talks with your office mates. Mind your behavior with your colleagues and managers. During this span of Guru Gochar, your health may be affected badly.

Take good care of your health and avoid eating unhygienic food outside. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. Your weak health will directly affect your determination towards your goal. Your mind and mental strength will be influenced by your bad health. You will feel physically, mentally, and emotionally weak.

Consequently, you will experience an all-time low in your will-power and determination. Moreover, you will have to work really hard to achieve success within your workplace. You will face lots of work-related challenges which will add to your responsibilities and stress levels. However, your success is percent guaranteed. Your hard work and strong will-power will play a crucial role during this time.

Keep on working and progressing in life with hard work, will-power and determination.

Jupiter transit 2022

If you are determined, there is nothing you cannot achieve. Jupiter is to Aquarius what Mercury is to Leo. It is the owner of 2nd and 11thhouse, the most important houses in a horoscope, if other things are correct. This Jupiter is transiting in the 10th house of karma, profession, popularity, social status. In star of Saturn, it is going to give you, new deals, jobs, monies, but health problems will be there. You will be getting things without much effort and your friends will be of great help to you.

You will not be having major disturbances instead you will be going high this time. In Mercury star, love matters will be getting finalized and also your spiritual progress will move ahead. You may get some inheritances and use occult for finishing your purposes with ulterior motives. Jupiter rules your sign and also holds portfolio of the tenth house for your sign. In view of this movement of Jupiter carries lot of importance for you. Jupiter now traverses through the ninth house for your sign.

This indicates that you need to handle matters related to finance much carefully. Do not take undue risk to push ahead your financial prospects here. Business person may need to exert more to run the show satisfactorily. Job holder is to remain under pressure and work for extended hours to meet scheduled deadline. You need to remain much careful about health here for good. Get Pisces zodiac signs-born.

The God Guru is the ruling planet of your zodiac and 10th house. Jupiter will transit in the 9th house of your Moon Sign. Jupiter being in the 9th house will be advantageous for you and your forthcoming life. During the transit phase, you will see progress at work. Your career will reach new heights. You will also get new career opportunities. There may be promotion and salary increment during this time. Guru favors you and you will do best in your professional life. Work hard and witness amazing results. During this transit phase, you will get various benefits and feel happier than before.

Guru is a planet that signifies religion, spiritualism, and philosophy. You may, therefore, go on a pilgrimage or engage in religious deeds. Travelling to religious places during Jupiter transit will be beneficial in long run. Listen to your father, as he will be your lucky mascot during this time. His advice will benefit you greatly. His thoughts and ideology will pave a better way for you in future. Jupiter will be giving you good career prospects and it will be a very good phase for you.

You will be going places, meeting people, and broadening your horizons. You will be blessed with divine grace in this time. You will be doing religious deeds and charities. You will meet sages and gurus and also you may meet a foreigner with whom you may have a love relationship. All you should remember is that do not cross your limits of any kind whether it is spending or outing with friends etc. Then things will be good for you otherwise you may land in a far off hospital struggling for your life.

In Mercury star, you will be blessed with good married life. You will be having good understanding with your spouse; there will be divine intervention in times of distress in your personal life. You will have gains from real estate, property disputes if any may come to an end in your life. An ongoing relation may culminate into marriage in this time. This will be a very good period if you are running the dasa of Jupiter and Jupiter is placed favorably in your horoscope. So, this was all about Jupiter Transit and how it will affect all Zodiac signs.

If you have any questions related to life, career, marriage, or anything, give us a. Remember that these are general predictions.

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  • Jupiter Transit or Guru Peyarchi on your life may vary, as per their actual presence in your Personal Horoscope. Do you know how Jupiter Transit or Guru Peyarchi your Horoscope, or how this major transit will affect you personally? Find NOW! Service Charges for this Rs. Email : eashvar astroapollo. First, we would like to caution you that this is a general prediction. It is applicable to billions of people across the globe. But one must remember that these are general in nature. If you want a specific report about the specific effects on you personally, you will have to consult our experts.

    The results derived from the transit get altered due to the time scale called dasa-bhukti which depends on the position of Moon at birth. For predictions based on your exact time of birth , date of birth and place of birth you can go for our paid services. To get Detailed Predictions. Home Jupiter or Guru Peyarchi Transit. Mesha - Aeries. Vrishabha - Taurus. Mithuna - Gemini. Karkadaka - Cancer. Simha - Leo. Kanya - Virgo. Tula - Libra. Vrischika - Scorpio.

    Dhannus - Saggitarius. Makara - Capricon. Kumbha - Aquarius. Meena - Pesces. In western astrology Jupiter by transit over the radical Moon is considered good. Not so in Hindu astrology; Gain of money and commodities Fear, sickness Loss of money, fear; Gain, happiness; Sickness, distress Respect, happiness; Adversity, troubles, both physical and mental; Happiness, enhanced prestige, respect from others; Humility, i.

    Taurus Rishaba Jupiter now traverses through the seventh house for your sign. You will have obstacles in your career path. There will be gain of weight. Avoid fatty foods and junk foods. Take care of your liver and pancreas. You will have mixed results in this Jupiter transit Married life will be disturbed to the core, health issues will be giving you lot of problems. You will be having failures in your efforts.

    You will try a lot but will not be able to beat your competitors if you are into business. Students may not clear their exams and in competitive exams there is failure likely to happen. Your close friends may cheat you, backstab you. This Jupiter transit in Scorpio will be finally positive for you in the end. Gemini Mithuna Jupiter now moves through the sixth house for your sign. You will get a chance to get a better job and your career path will be progressive.