Love compatibility for aquarius woman

Many people also consider Aquarians to be difficult to understand or pin down, and they are in fact famous for their enigmatic ways. However, the truth is that Aquarius lives very much on the surface of things, uncomfortable with showing too much emotion or becoming too attached to people or situations. Aquarians are also people who love their freedom, their greatest fear being placement in a box of one sort or another.

If the water carrier in question is not careful, this can easily translate to a crippling fear of commitment. When it comes to love match astrology, Aquarians are best paired with other air signs, or alternatively with fire signs. Sagittarius : Both Sagittarius and Aquarius are cheerful, energetic, and vibrant signs that love adventure, variety, and unpredictability. They are also both signs that have a keen eye on the future.

Aquarius compatibility

They dream big and love the idea of making the world a better place for all of humanity. Their mutual love of society and human interaction will ensure that their social life is rich and full. This is a very fortuitous astrology signs love match, well able to stand the test of time. Libra : As they are both fellow air signs, Libra and Aquarius both love being around people and share a mutual need for an active social life. They also may find a very strong common bond in their love of intellectual pursuits, the arts, and music appreciation.

Gemini : This pairing certainly has the potential to be a match made in heaven. Both Aquarius and Gemini are fun-loving, social individuals that love conversation, ideas, and variety of all kinds. In fact, this couple is likely to be so interesting and charming that they are constantly in demand socially speaking.

The sex life here is also highly rewarding and passionate and each partner will be strongly attracted to the other. The union will be a harmonious one, rarely if ever sullied by jealousy or ill will. Virgo : While both signs are cerebral and mentally oriented, they have two totally different approaches toward life that can easily clash. Virgo natives tend to be on the nitpicky, pessimistic side, which will annoy optimistic, expansive Aquarius. The fish will wind up feeling unloved and unappreciated as a result of the Aquarian tendency to adopt a detached, at-arms-length approach to relationships.

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Still, there are some Aquarius traits which do stand out and are commonly found in all the people born between twentieth January and eighteenth February, the dates which fall in the Aquarius sun sign according to astrology. Here are some of the traits found in most Aquarius women. Unpredictable : An Aquarius woman can be very unpredictable in her behavior.

Nobody, not even people very close to her can guess what she is up to. She might adopt such ways of living life which are beyond the understanding of an ordinary person. She can come up with such unusual and revolutionary ideas that it can leave many people bewildered and amazed to no end.

Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage

The same unpredictability in her behavior can be seen in her clothing as well. She can sometimes dress up like a hippie and at other times can be dressed in the most elegant manner! But one thing is sure, she will always be different, in terms of her behavior, clothing as well as ideas.

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Freedom Loving : All Aquarius females value their freedom very highly. They are not the ones who anybody can tie down easily. In fact, the ones who try to restrict them, may lose them forever. She loves to explore all new things, people and places that come her way. A deadly combination of unpredictability and freedom can make her do some of the craziest stuff in life.

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She can suddenly decide to climb the Himalayas one day and might disappear for days altogether. For an Aquarius, the need for space to grow as an individual is immense. This holds true in her relationships as well. Only a broad-minded man, who considers men and women as equals and who gives this woman loads of freedom, can look forward to win her heart. Rebel and a Humanitarian : An Aquarius woman is a born rebel who believes in living life on her own terms. The woman belonging to this zodiac sign also believes in letting people be.

The humanist philosophy of all human beings being equal is practiced and followed by her to the tee. There is a twist to this though. She loves all humanity, yet she can be pretty distant and detached when it comes to her personal relationships.

In fact, she might appear a bit cold and insensitive to some of her close ones! Intellectual : An Aquarius woman may seem very aloof, absent-minded and confused, but in reality she is quite intelligent. She might miss out on a few details but if she puts her mind into something, she can tell the minutest of details about a thing or a person, which everybody else might miss.

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  • Strong : They are the strongest amongst all the females in the zodiac. Probably that's the reason why one gets to see so many single Aquarius women around as it is not such a big deal for them to be on their own.

    Summary of Aquarius compatibility

    They can take care of themselves and would rather be alone than in an unfulfillable relationship. Love Compatibility: True to her behavior, an Aquarius woman will act in the most unusual and unpredictable ways, very unlike the people in love normally do. An Aquarius female can be very faithful and committed in a relationship, yet, at the same time, she can also be very unemotional and detached.

    It is no wonder for her to remain platonic in a love relationship for a long time! In fact, passion is not her forte and she might lack the intensity that comes with a romantic relationship. So, if a man is looking for a sexual butterfly, certainly this is not the woman for him. She looks for a partner who is mentally stimulating, has some ethics in life, is honest and has the courage to stand up for himself.

    She is a seeker of intelligence and does not care how much money her partner is making. Compatible Sun Signs: Freedom loving Aquarius woman, being an air sign, is best compatible with the other air signs in the Zodiac, i. Gemini and Libra. She is also compatible with the two fire signs Aries and Sagittarius. Let's look at her compatibility with each of these Zodiac signs.

    Aquarius and Gemini Love Match

    Both Aquarius Woman and Libra Man love to have intellectual conversations and guard their freedom immensely. They lay great stress on friendship in a relationship and hence, will not only be a romantic couple, but best of friends.

    Sexual Compatibility Between Aries Man and Aquarius Woman

    A Libra man will love an Aquarian for her eccentric and unusual nature. She will love her Libra man for his cool, lighthearted attitude. A Libra man will admire her creativity, cleverness and spontaneity as much as she will like the Libra man's light flirting, the special attention which he gives to her and the romance he brings into the relationship. Gemini men are experts at conversations and Aquarius women love to talk and argument too.

    Aquarius Love Compatibility: Aquarius Sign Compatibility Guide!

    Both of them, when they come in contact, will hit it off instantly and in no time become good friends.