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These are the things that will make us feel good in the moment.

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You might be feeling a desire for more comfort and security now. Enjoy your weight. Roll in a newly mowed lawn.

Then drink a soothing tea for the thyroid and throat. Be careful -- the Taurus Moon makes it easy to feel stubborn.

Ganesha Speaks Taurus

But in a changing world, such strength can sometimes defeat itself. New Moons are always about beginnings, a time when things take root, and a Taurus New Moon is especially focused on doing things that are real. The Sun in Scorpio is intricate, while the Moon in Taurus is simplistic. This creates a great counterbalance in energy, taking out the complicated and mysteries energies that are at play during this time.

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October 8, Four of Swords A time of repose and solitude. New ventures should not be started unless the old one is completed, which will give benefits. Delay in projects is possible. Try avoiding investing your hard-earned money into share-market or other types of short-term investments as loss of money is entirely possible.

Horoscope for Wednesday, October 9, 12222

If you wish to have a deep insight into your business prospects in the coming years, then please opt for our Business Report. At work, you are likely to face difficulties to impress your boss about your abilities and skills. Mars transit indicates a change-in job, which will give you some problems, financial setbacks, and difficulties. The working in the day to day life during the period of transit Will be delayed, upset, and create worries.

Due to the transit of Venus and Mercury over the 4th house, change in residence or job is possible. Transfer at a hostile could take place in this month. You would do well to avoid harsh speech as you are likely to face misunderstandings with your superiors.

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Find an answer to your questions. There might be some mental tensions. Failure in cherished efforts might bring depression.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

This is the time when nothing will come effortlessly. Your relations with your parents and other family members will not go as per your satisfaction. You will lose respect as you may overestimate your abilities or position and misuse it. You will face a lot of difficulties, problems, and mental anguish. The people, who were near and dear to will change and become your opponents, ultimately may even, get blamed for things you have not done.